Hey Ben, great post! Very interesting yet tough problem space.

Would be curious to know what type of validation data looks convincing to you coming out of a landing page smoke test. What kinds of metrics to you zoom in on and do you have a general rule of thumb or threshold (e.g. 5% ad CTR, 10% email sign-up rate etc)? Thanks! Moses

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Hey Moses - thanks for stopping by. Quantitative data is tough at the earliest stages, so I'm mostly looking for directional signals. If I'm testing a few ads and/or landing pages, I can use comparative data versus specific benchmarks.

So it may be less about hitting an X% CTR and more about comparing A and B.

Conversion tends to vary depending on what you're doing, and B2B or B2C.

CTRs are usually pretty low -- 2% is good. Higher is really good. Again, this is for a very basic, scrappy test. We know people may go and Google search an ad (and find very little) which discourages them.

Conversion on landing page -- 10%+ is solid. But again, we're looking for directional data versus hitting specific benchmarks at this point or getting statistically significant information.

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Thanks Ben!

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