Helpful Resources

In my newsletter I share a lot of resources that may be hard to dig up. So I’m putting them together for you on this page. Many of these are free downloads that you can use immediately. If you find any of them helpful, please let me know!

1. Investor Update Template (free download)

This is a simple Google Doc template that you can use for sending regular investor updates. Learn more about how to write great investor updates too.

2. Lean Analytics

A book I co-wrote with Alistair Croll, and published in 2013. The book takes Lean Startup methodology and applies an analytical lens on it.

3. Assumption Tracker (free download)

This assumption tracker can be used for identifying your riskiest assumptions, and managing the experiments you run. Learn more about how to apply this methodology here.

4. Equity Dilution Model (free download)

I believe early employees deserve more equity. So I put together this equity dilution model to share some ways this is possible.

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