Pitching = Storytelling. No matter what kind of pitch you're doing (on-stage, in a boardroom, etc.) you need to be a great storyteller. (#10)

January 2023

Employees 1-10 take a lot of risk, create immense value, but don't often get rewarded. (#9)
Hunker down & survive. Make tough choices faster and don't become a zombie. (#8)
In 2010 I failed in a big way. And I learned a lot. Looking back, it's interesting to see how well those lessons hold up. (#7)
Failure sucks. But you can learn a lot from it. In 2010 I failed in a big way, and then wrote a post about it. Let's see if I learned anything since…
You can't say, "I know it when I see it." That's nonsense. And if you get the problem wrong, you're building on a very weak foundation. (#5)

December 2022

Metrics matter. But if you track the wrong ones, everything goes to shit. (#4)
(#3) Hey founders: you do send investor updates regularly, right?!?! (Included: an easy Google doc template for great investor updates)
(#2) Are you a headless chicken or a chaos wizard?
(#1) Blogging is so 2006...oh wait, never mind. :)